Month: January 2011

POD: Building a suprise Family

POD: Building a suprise

This evening before Jacob headed to bed, he asked me to close my eyes he had a surprise for me. As I sat with my eyes closed I wondered what m…
POD: Fridge Toys Family

POD: Fridge Toys

Today while cooking dinner, Violet entertained her self with some of the toys we have on our fridge. It’s amazing how into the toys she gets, …
POD: Kitchen Time Family

POD: Kitchen Time

Today Violet had her 2 year appointment that included a surprise shot. When we got home from the appointment we spent some time in her room pl…
POD: VLogging Mama Family

POD: VLogging Mama

Today Melissa Recorded her first VLog, I was here for technical support. I setup the high-tech camera mount for her iPhone, and let her know w…
POD:  Chloe Family

POD: Chloe

Todays picture is of our anti-social kitty. Who's gone from taking swipes at me when I walked past to spending the evenings curled up on my lap.
POD: Lets play Daddy Family

POD: Lets play Daddy

This morning Jacob came into our bedroom all excited, usually that would mean he got into something he shouldn’t have. Today it was a little d…
POD: Sickness Family

POD: Sickness

Today our picture of the day is of a sick Jacob relaxing on the couch. He’s trying to ignore me as I take the picture. It’s hard when your kid…
POD: Growing up Family

POD: Growing up

This afternoon while Violet was supposed to be napping she decided to climb out of her crib. I guess she picked up some tricks from Jacob clim…
POD: Party Prep Family

POD: Party Prep

Yesterday Melissa and Violet’s god mother Suzanne got together and began doing some of the prep work for Violets Birthday. When they showed me…
POD: Picnic in the Crib Family

POD: Picnic in the Crib

Jacob usually wakes up before Melissa or me. Usually he’s a good boy and comes wakes us up. This morning he did something a little different. …