Blog Refresh… Coming soon

Today should be another mobile Monday, but once again it looks like it wont be. I’ve been working on reviews of a number of apps, but as I read them over I think I want to take some more time and do them right. I’m currently reviewing a number of E-Reader apps, and will be posting them either in a single big post or as individual posts over the span of a few weeks. There are a couple of factors that are holding up my post. The first is I’ve recently updated my phone to Android version 2.2, I’ll probably be posting about that before the E-Reader series.

I’m also in the process of updating my blog. I’ve been having a few issues behind the scenes recently and so to fix them I’m doing a refresh of my blog. I’ve been taking a little longer then I hopped to get it done, but hopefully by the end of the week you’ll see a bit more polished look with some new features and more regular posts. One of the things I hope to have for the end of the week is a new dynamic header, you can see sample at the top of the post. So Stay tuned.



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