Mobile Monday: PhoneWeaver


CAP201103072327Today we have a late post for our Mobile Monday. Left has kept me from posting it earlier, but it’s still Monday so here it is. Today we look at PhoneWeaver from SBSH Mobile Software. I first found SBSH software when I was looking for software for my old Windows Mobile phone. I was thrilled when I found out the were developing for android. They have 3 apps on the android market and in the coming weeks I hope to review both SafeWallet and GoNews so stay tuned.

PhoneWeaver adds Smart Automatic Profiles to your Phone.  Profiles can be triggered by Time, Location or even calendar. Profiles can control all aspects of your phone. Turn on or off WIFI, Bluetooth, 3G data, GPS and even change the home screen wallpaper.


Although the GPS is good, this gps tracker is made to last and provide accurate results always. With the latest release they have added a widget to allow for fast switching between profiles. Though when properly configured you really don’t need it. With features like the location manager that’s simple to configure you can have your phone customized for anywhere you go regularly. I’ve used my phone with and without PhoneWeaver and I can honestly say it’s better with it.  And with each new release it’s gets better. So if you want to stop manually managing your phone and just use it,  give PhoneWeaver a try.

PhoneWeaver Trial for Android on AppBrain


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