Month: April 2011

POD: Race Kit Getting Healthy

POD: Race Kit

I spent last night trying to figure out how I would get up to the sporting life at Young and Eglington(Actually quite a bit north of Eglington…
POD: Choosing a Reward Family

POD: Choosing a Reward

Today after school I took Jacob to Mastermind Toys to pick out his reward for going to bed on time without a fight for 14 nights in a row. He …
POD: Egg Hunt Family

POD: Egg Hunt

Today's picture is from our families Easter Egg hunt this morning. Both Jacob and Violet got really into it. So much so they discussed strateg…
POD: Easter Basket Family

POD: Easter Basket

With tomorrow being Good Friday, Jacob brought home the Easter basket he made at school. It’s a cute little basket and card. (more…)
POD: Bed Daddy Family

POD: Bed Daddy

On nights when Melissa’s working we’ve got a pretty good bed time routine. Part of it I spend with Violet in her room reading to her or playin…
POD: Hives Family

POD: Hives

Today we had lunch out. We went to one of our families favourite places to have a healthy lunch. One we’ve always thought of as Nut Safe. Well…
POD: Puzzling Family

POD: Puzzling

Today Jacob wanted to put together his big floor puzzles so we set up in the living room and started putting it together.  As you can see Viol…
POD: Crazy Hats Family

POD: Crazy Hats

This week Jacob’s school is having a different theme every day, today’s was Crazy Hats. The kids were encouraged to design and wear the crazie…
POD: Batting Practice Family

POD: Batting Practice

With Jacob soon to be signed up for 2 separate seasons of T-Ball I thought it would be a good idea to start getting him used to different aspe…
POD: Picking up Jacob Family

POD: Picking up Jacob

Today was my day to work from home, so when 3:20 PM came by Violet and I headed out to get Jacob from school. While getting ready I asked if s…
POD: Bed Time Chart Family

POD: Bed Time Chart

After struggling to get Jacob to give up his Susu Melissa came up with a great idea. If he went 14 nights without one he’d get to pick a toy o…
POD: Helping Hand Family

POD: Helping Hand

Today after dinner I took the kids to the park. Our picture to-day is of Jacob pushing Violet on the swing. I think it’s one of her favourite …
POD: Key Daddy? Family

POD: Key Daddy?

Friday is swimming day, an activity both kids are really enjoying. The way the classes works out both start at the same time, but Violet’s is …