POD: Half-Marathon Day (2:10:32)


Today was the big day, today was the day I run my first Half-Marathon. While training for this run I read an article that said after you finish your first Half-Marathon you will either decided it’s not for you or you’ll get hocked. Well I’m officially hooked. My time today was 2 hours and 10 minutes and 32 seconds. That beat my personal goal of 2:15, though it has me thinking of changing my time-table for running a full marathon. When I came to the part of the course where you could either keep going straight for the half, or turn right for the full marathon, part of me was tempted to take the  turn. I wouldn’t have, but I had always planned on running a full next September (2012), now I’m wondering if I might not want to run it this September (2011).  I’m sure reason will set in and I’ll settle for trying to beat 2 hours on the half this fall, but I have to admit I’m tempted by the full 42.2km.

Our bonus pictures are from around race day, I had hopped to include a picture from my Friends baby shower that the family went to afterwards, but my cell phone camera didn’t capture a good moment.:




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