Baking Cookies

From Blog Post: Baking Cookies

Friday was a busy day for our little family. First some of us had to work, and we had plans for dinner at Nana’s and Papa’s. In between we managed to back some cookies. Both our children were very excited about the idea of making cookies. I took over 200 pictures during the backing of the cookies, so it took some time to go through them and choose ones to share.

We started by getting everything ready

The  kids added the ingredients.

Stirred it up

Violet waits with the spoon to start stirring  once Jacob is done pouring the eggs.

A few more ingredients

The we pull out our electric mixer.

Both kids get a turn.

Then it’s time to cut the cookies.

Everyone takes a turn cutting cookies.

The it was time to bake them. Violet waited patiently for them to be done.

After baking came cooling then….

Decorating, both kids loved decorating the cookies… Though they might have had more of the icing then the cookies.

Then we packed some up and took them to Nana and Papa’s.


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