Tech Tuesday: Have Gadgets will Travel

For weeks I’ve tried to kick-start my blog, my Musings are a start, but I also want to get back to writing about Technology and Fatherhood. I had hopped that we I published my first Tech Tuesday post on January 14th that I would be following it up with another one the next week and it would be the beginning of a weekly series. I’ve been working on the follow-up since before the Kobo review was posted, unfortunately I’ve yet to complete it. It’s close, I could have probably pushed it out last night, but after the evening of skating with Jacob’s Beaver troop I didn’t feel up to it, and besides It will be a better post with the extra time I can now spend on it. That left me with a dilemma for today, I could just forget about posting today, or hope that I’m inspired to write something on the way to work, like yesterday or I could do something different. I’ve chosen something different. I thought I’d go over some of the Hardware and Software that I use everyday, but that’s a long list. One I might do on a future Tech Tuesday, for today I thought I’d highlight 3 gadgets that I took on vacation with me(I’ll leave out the few gadgets Melissa brought).

I had considered having a vacation with no technology, but between wanting to keep in touch with the kids and continue posting my picture of the day I knew it wouldn’t work. Besides I’m a Geek and I’m not sure if it would be a real vacation if I didn’t have at least some gadets with me. I think I did pretty good limiting it to the few things I brought.

Nexus 7, in the few sort weeks since I got it for Christmas it’s become my primary Internet connected device. I hadn’t realize just how much I do with it till we headed south and that was my primary computing device. To be fair I didn’t use it all that much in sunny Mexico, but when we kicked back in the lobby at night I allowed me to do pretty much everything I wanted to do. I’ve started to work on my review and hope to post it soon.

Lumia 520, this is my day-to-day phone, though on vacation it ended up being more of a camera then a phone. We didn’t have an international roaming package so it stayed in Airplane mode the entire trip, but it was nice to have for the quick picture here and there and the occasional internet search on the hotel WiFi.

Kobo Touch, the trip to the beach has reminded me how good of a reader the Kobo Touch is, and the fact that is a single use device helps me focus on reading and not on other distractions.  I really enjoyed sitting in the sun with a beer in one hand an my Kobo in the other.

Cannon T3I, as we were packing up we really debated if we wanted our big camera, it can be a lot to carry around. In the end we both wanted to capture the best pictures that we could so we brought it along. We had a smaller camera we borrowed from Lynn and Dan,  but we ended up taking the big one with us pretty much everywhere. When I look at the pictures we took I’m glade we didn’t settle on a lessor camera.


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