Month: September 2014

POD: Baseball Banquet Baseball

POD: Baseball Banquet

Today was Jacobs baseball banquet. There was food, prizes and trophies. It was a fun way to wrap up the season. Best of all at this end of sea…
POD: Off Road Fun Family

POD: Off Road Fun

Today we headed out of tow to spend the day with family. Both Ruby and Jacob loved it. Jacob couldn't get enough riding the 4 wheeler, and Rub…
POD: Steak Pie Food

POD: Steak Pie

Today Melissa picked up some treats for us from Wiseys Pies & Bakehouse. I'd popped in last week and tried a few of their small pies, toda…
Dear Jacob Family

Dear Jacob

My little man, each day you are less a boy and more a man. How much you have grown and changed. This has been a summer of new things for you a…
POD: Robo Dog Family

POD: Robo Dog

I captured this picture of Ruby as we had our evening playground time. I hadn't realized that we had a Robo Dog.
POD: Inside a Tablet Geeky

POD: Inside a Tablet

Today I found myself staring inside a tablet, trying to fix a broken power connector. Of course I failed because hardware has never really bee…
POD: Hooking Nate Young Family

POD: Hooking Nate Young

Today Violet had a special outing with her god mother, so little Nate came to our place for a visit. It was great to have the little guy aroun…
POD: Date Night Selfie General

POD: Date Night Selfie

Tonight Melissa and I shared an unexpected date night, and you would think on a night like this I might use a picture of the 2 of us, or maybe…
POD: MineCraft Getaway Family

POD: MineCraft Getaway

Today we have a picture from one of my MineCraft worlds. It's taken a while for me to try it, but with Jacob spending so much time playing I t…
POD: Coffee Break Family

POD: Coffee Break

Today we celebrated Nate the Greats birthday. It was a great time and I took tons of picture, that I hope one day to go through and share, but…
Dear Violet Family

Dear Violet

All summer long I have watched you grow up, you are becoming so independent.  Until something happens and you want your Daddy (or Mommy). Of c…
POD: Game 20 Baseball

POD: Game 20

This evening I have another picture from the Blue Jays Game. It was the 20th game I've been to the ball park this season. I was also playing w…