Month: November 2014

POD: Butterfly Art Family

POD: Butterfly Art

My little girl loves to draw, colour, and paint. In fact she loves most creative things. She produces so much Art that I'm a little ashamed to…
POD: Sitting Ruby Dog

POD: Sitting Ruby

  Tonight I have a picture of our 'little' puppy Ruby, I captured in our even playtime in the local playground.
POD: Hitting 1000 Family

POD: Hitting 1000

Tonight I continued my November routine of heading to Starbucks with Jacob to do some writing. I haven't managed to find my novel writing groo…
POD: Diving in Family

POD: Diving in

Today's picture of the day comes from the pool deck. At the kids swimming class today I captured this picture of Jacob getting ready to dive i…
POD: Hockey Instruction Family

POD: Hockey Instruction

Early Sunday mornings is usually Hockey Practice for our little family.  Today it was Violet’s turn,  early in the practice I capture this ima…
POD: Hockey Star Family

POD: Hockey Star

Today we have some pictures from Violets Hockey game. It's amazing to watch my little girl on the ice, she improves so much every game. It won…
POD: Relaxing with Ruby Dog

POD: Relaxing with Ruby

Tonight after a long day of work and chores,  I'm just relaxing in front of the TV with Ruby.  Well I'm watching TV Ruby is enjoying her bone.
POD:  Sleepover bound Family

POD: Sleepover bound

With Jacob's Hockey game on Sunday this week, it left Jacob free to have  a sleep over at his best friends house. I snapped today's picture of…