Month: March 2015

POD: Camp Orientation Family

POD: Camp Orientation

This summer Jacob, Violet and our friends son Ben will be heading off to over night summer camp for the first time. So today they had an orien…
POD: Violet’s puzzle Family

POD: Violet’s puzzle

As the Day winds down I realize that I don't have a picture of the day.  Looking around the house I spot the puzzle Violet worked on after din…
POD: Selfie with kids Family

POD: Selfie with kids

Tonight  I tried to get a picture with the kids, but I couldn't get them to pose together, so instead I've taken the individual shots I captur…
POD:Waiting for Windows Geeky

POD:Waiting for Windows

Yesterday Microsoft released the latest build of Windows 10 into the wild. I spent the day working at a clients so I couldn't install it on my…
POD: Last DQ Cone Family

POD: Last DQ Cone

Today was free Cone day at Dairy Queen, so after dinner our little family headed out to get celebrate the warming weather and Dairy Queens 75 …
POD: Dinner Is Served Family

POD: Dinner Is Served

Finding healthy and different choices for dinner each night can be a challenge. Tonight I made a bbqed pork chops with broccoli and a side pasta.
POD: That Time of Year Dance

POD: That Time of Year

Tonight we have a picture of Violet's first costume for her big dance recital. We;re still a couple months away from the recitals, but today s…
POD: Getting Organized Family

POD: Getting Organized

It always amazes me the amount of different clips, and hair ties my little girl uses. So today I brought home a new container for organizing them
POD: Welcome Home Family

POD: Welcome Home

Today we headed back to git our kids and dog. We had a great time away but it's nice t be back with the kids and Ruby. Violet was certainly gl…