Dada, Mama and Kitty

The last week has been a whirlwind of milestones for our little cupcake. First on Friday while out with Mommy she decided to wave hello and goodbye to all the strangers in the mall. We’ve been trying to get her to wave and it was nice to see that she’s picked it up and shared… Continue reading Dada, Mama and Kitty

Relaxing Sunday

Today was a bit of a relaxing day… It started early, Jacob didn’t seem to care that we set the clocks back during the night, but at least Violet seemed to sleep a little later. So for a while before the women woke up, it was a tired Daddy and energetic little hanging out. It… Continue reading Relaxing Sunday

Our family night out.

Tonight was night to spend with the family. Though we didn’t spent it in a traditional way. We had a quick jaunt to the mall to pick up the last few pieces of our kids costumes and while we were out we grabbed dinner. Wasn’t exciting, but I think we all enjoyed it. Though as… Continue reading Our family night out.

Enjoying the Fall

Today our little family headed out to Whittamore’s Farm at last getting to do one of the fall family outings that we planned. We left later then we usually would have because of a rough night of sleeping for Jacob.  We even thought about not going but the day was just to beautiful to waste.… Continue reading Enjoying the Fall

Is it winter yet?

The fall seems to be slipping away. We had a lots of plans for family outings but as the weeks slip past we haven’t made it to any. Apart from having Melissa’s family over for Thanksgiving dinner our fall has been a bust. It seems every weekend with either have other plans or the weather… Continue reading Is it winter yet?

Turkey Coma

Today our family celebrated Thanksgiving, Melissa and I hosted her family for a dinner of Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, gravy, and I can’t for get Stuffing. We also had Pie with whipped cream for desert. It was a great dinner, Melissa did an amazing job making all the food. As a rule we… Continue reading Turkey Coma

Sunday Night Dinner

Family traditions is something Melissa and I feel strongly about. One we would like to start is the Family dinner. Of course wanting to and doing can sometimes be completely different matter. Though we try to eat together every night, it doesn’t work out as often as we’d like. Between my working and other evening… Continue reading Sunday Night Dinner