POD: Snowy Night

It seems a little strange that on January 5th I’d be surprised by a little snow, but that’s what happened tonight. I hadn’t been paying attention to the weather and on the drive home this evening I was surprised to find the streets covered in snow. It wasn’t really enough to affect my driving but… Continue reading POD: Snowy Night

POD: Back on the ice

After a nice Christmas break it was time to head back to the rink. Today was the first of three games this weekend. Tonight was an exhibition game against Leaside before they get back to the regular season. It will be a busy month of hockey, with 9 games in 4 weekends

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POD: Ruby at night

Today I found myself low steps so Ruby and I went for an extended walk in the cool night air. I snapped this picture in a local off leash park.

POD: Outcomes the Calendars

Today is December first, the beginning of the last month of the year. Also the day the Advent calendars come out to help the kids count down till Christmas. This year to go with the chocolate calendars they each have a special one.

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POD: Hockey bag suprise

Tonight we have a silly picture. It seems Melissa was going through our sports equipment closet and found an hold hockey back. With Violet’s current bag having a broken zipper this could come in handy for any summer hockey camps. I think Violet likes it too.