POD: Late night Movie

From Picture of the Day 2013 Last night Jingles sat down with our portable DVD player and watched the movie Elf. What would a movie be without popcorn and a drink? He clearly thinks they are needed additions. At least he made enough popcorn so the kids could take some to school today.

POD: Conductor Elf

From Picture of the Day 2013 This morning we found Jingles in Jacob’s train piggy bank. I captured him there with Paddington Bear as I put Jacob down to bed. What surprised me most was it was Violet that found Jingles this morning not Jacob.

POD: Jingle Krispies

From Picture of the Day 2013 Once again I turn to the rascal Jingles for my picture of the day. Today we had no tricks, he just decided to find a hiding place. Can you spot him?  Violet thought Jingles was great, Jacob on the other hand thought it was creepy.