POD: Unscheduled Haircuts

From Pictures of the Day 2012

Today our little ones reminded us, that when they are playing together and it get’s two quiet it might not be a good thing. You see they decided to play hair dresser with real scissors. They took turns cutting each others hair, I’m not sure who thought of the ‘game’ but they took turns cutting each others hair. Of course the cuts to Violet’s hair were more shocking than the few to Jacobs, but both kids had hair that was close to the scalp. Limiting our options for fixing it. For Jacob we got Papa to give him a buzz cut, for Violet Melissa did a bit to make it look a little better, but we’ll be taking her to a hair salon to see if they can fix it. You can expect to see another picture of Violet’s hair tomorrow.


  1. Victoria/Mom/NaN says:

    Dan did a great job. Will he buzz mine?

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