Picture of the Day: Whiskers?


With a new year comes some changes to Geek With Kids. One is that I’ve complete Project 365 and will not be doing it again in 2011. Instead I’ll be doing a Picture of the Day, for the readers it’ll be about the same, though there are some differences. I’m working on a post for the new year, where I talk about how I did on last years challenges and what new challenges I’ve set for myself for the coming year. It also explains how my Picture of the Day will work.

In our first Picture of the Day we see the dangers of little ones and markers. I’m not sure what inspired Jacob to draw on his face, he says he wanted whiskers, but I’m not sure what to think. All I know is while I was cooking dinner he walked in and I was shocked to see three lines on each cheek. After getting him to had over the marker, I snapped a few pictures and cleaned him up.

Our bonus picture today is of the other cheek:


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