POD: Chore chart

For a while we’ve had a chart hanging on a wall with a bunch of chores that get checked off each day when there done. Jacob loves this chart, but for the longest time we just haven’t been following it. Well this weekend Jacob decided that he wanted to do it. Over the last few days we’ve done a bit of a fall clean up and Jacob joined in by setting up a list of chores on the board and doing them. He was very happy with him self so this morning he tweaked the list, and set about doing them. I didn’t prompt him once during the day, but as we were getting ready for bed we went to look at the list and it was complete.

Here’s today’s list:

  • Get dressed
  • Brush teeth
  • Help with indoor chores
  • Do homework
  • Say please and thank you
  • Clear table
  • Get ready for bed


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