POD: Where’s the Water

Today I found some time to take the kids to the local splash pad, I’ve captured them waiting for the water to come back on. We were out there when Melissa got home from work and it got Melissa and I talking about how great our summer has been. Whats great is how much we are doing as a family, from our Camping trip, to evenings at the local pool. It’s been a great summer and I will be sad when it ends in a few weeks. Till then we have lots of  fun family adventures planned and I intent to enjoy each of them to the fullest.

 For a bonus I have a bit of an artistic shot of Violet sitting next to me while Jacob turns on the water at the splash pad:

One thought on “POD: Where’s the Water

  1. Treasure these moments to remember when the kids are grown and in homes of their own. Better yet, to remember when they are teens and would rather hang out with friends than do family outings.

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