Month: September 2011

POD: Getting Nails Done Family

POD: Getting Nails Done

TOday we have a picture of Young Violet getting Sparkly polish on her nails. While her and mommy where out at the salon before swimming tonigh…
POD: Isolation Family

POD: Isolation

Tonight we have a picture of the sign on the outside of the emergency room door, that Melissa, Jacob and I have spent the last couple of hours…
POD: Little Miss General

POD: Little Miss

Today before heading off to work I had a little outing with the kids. While waiting for a bus I captured today's Picture of the day.
POD: Smile! Family

POD: Smile!

Today was my day for working from home, and while Jacob was at school I was working at the computer and Violet came up to me and gave me the c…
POD: Hockey Tryouts General

POD: Hockey Tryouts

Today Jacob has an extra day of skating. Today all the other Tykes skated for the house league coaches, so the four teams are have a similar t…
POD: Weekend Homework Family

POD: Weekend Homework

Today after our morning Future Stars and a walk through the local street festival we returned home and Jacob did some homework. It's amazing h…
POD: Board Game Night General

POD: Board Game Night

After dinner tonight Jacob and I pulled out Monopoly and played a game. It's something Jacob always seems to want to do. I'm thinking we're go…
POD: Violet Colours General

POD: Violet Colours

I captured this picture while Violet was colouring. se;s been walking around with that blanket around the house for the last couple of days. I…
POD: First Skates Family

POD: First Skates

Today after ballet Melissa and my mother, took Violet out to buy her first pair of skates. Watching the video of her trying them on his amazin…
POD: Walking with Nan Family

POD: Walking with Nan

Today we went out for dinner with my mom. I snapped today's picture of the day as we walked to the restaurant. It was such a sweet moment.
POD: Firetruck Family

POD: Firetruck

Today while walking home from school the kids say a firetruck driving by and waved.  Seeing the kids waving must have been a cute sight, becau…
POD: Snack or Lunch? Family

POD: Snack or Lunch?

Today's Picture of the day is of Jacob's lunch for tomorrow. You might look at that and think something is missing. There doesn't seem to be a…
POD: Where’s my shoe Family

POD: Where’s my shoe

Today we have a picture of Jacob climbing around the local playground. It impressed me how he didn't stop even when he left his shoe behind.
POD: See my Vest Family

POD: See my Vest

Today Violet was wearing a vest her Papa picked out for her. It was so cute that I had to get a picture. Of course she didn't want to put down…
POD: Let’s Dance Family

POD: Let’s Dance

Today Violet started dance class and so we have two pictures. The first, the official picture of the day, is Violet on the way to dance class.…
POD: Where’s Jacob? Family

POD: Where’s Jacob?

Today after dropping Jacob off at school, Melissa let Violet play at the park. while there She snapped today's Picture of the day of my little…