POD: Shoveling the Snow

From Picture of the Day 2013

Yesterday the city was covered with snow, and so this morning the kids climbed into their snowsuits for some fun in the snow. Violet was out playing in the snow before I even got out of bed. Though once up I headed out to join them. After they played a bit, we pulled out the shovels and clearing some of the snow.  It was fun to watch how hard the two of them worked at clearing the snow. I was most impressed with how hard Violet worked, she didn’t want to stop before me, but in the end having fun in the snow won out.  Still I look forward to more snow days where I get to shovel the snow with my kids.

As I was going through todays pictures I noticed that Google Auto Awesome added a snow effect to a few of them. I took one to use as today’s bonus picture:



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