POD: Very Naughty Elf

From Picture of the Day 2013

Well it seems eating our cookies wasn’t enough for our little Jingles. This morning we came downstairs to find that he’d toilet papered our Christmas tree. Violet loved it and I think she wants to keep it on the tree for the entire christmas season. Jacob wasn’t as impressed and wants to write a letter to Santa, he thinks Jingles should be put on the naughty chair.  I’m starting to worry what our little Elf will do next.


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2 thoughts on “POD: Very Naughty Elf

  1. I so wish we had had “Elf on the Shelf” when my boys were little. They would have loved it. But now they are middle aged men and bit old for that. LOL

  2. our elf did the same thing a few days ago. last night he found an old sheer curtain I had just taken down. he took some scissors and he cut out some clothes and cut out paper doll shapes…. my girls cried and said he was bad that we needed to send him back!!!

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