Month: May 2014

POD: Little Astronauts Family

POD: Little Astronauts

 Today Bill and I took our kids to the Science Centre for an afternoon of fun and learning. I took a bunch of photos but I thought the three o…
POD: Patio Dinner Family

POD: Patio Dinner

For dinner tonight I thought the kids could have grilled cheese, but instead of cooking them in the frying pan like normal, I thought I'd try …
POD: Kids play Baseball Family

POD: Kids play Baseball

Tonight was baseball night for Violet, Jacob and our good friends son Ben. The field was a little wet and it was practice night for their team…
POD: Climbing Violet Family

POD: Climbing Violet

Today while Jacob was in Beaver Scouts Violet and I hit a local park. A couple of weeks ago when she tried to climb the tree like ladder she g…
POD: Little Miss Violet Family

POD: Little Miss Violet

This morning while walking Ruby with Violet she climbed up on to some rocks and posed. She was so proud of herself, it's the first time she ha…
POD: Dancing Star Dance

POD: Dancing Star

Today was Violet's Ballet Recital at her new studio, and she did amazing. The entire show was great, so much better then her old school. I lov…
POD: Sleeping dog Family

POD: Sleeping dog

 Tonight I have a picture of our Puppy Ruby sleeping at my feet. Even though she can be a little hyper at times, it's moments like this that I…
POD: Special Treat Family

POD: Special Treat

Today when I came home from work Melissa suprised me with a special treat for the family. 4 fresh donuts from Sanremos Bakery. They were very …
POD: Let’s Play Ball! Family

POD: Let’s Play Ball!

Today the kids headed to the diamond for there first baseball game of the year. They were both so excited to get into their uniforms to play s…
POD: Happy Birthday Ben Family

POD: Happy Birthday Ben

Today was a day of birthday's for our little family. First we celebrated with my mom over brunch, then we headed to our friends house to celeb…
POD: Graduate! Family

POD: Graduate!

Today was the last class of puppy school and she got a certufucate if achivement and posed in her cap. What amazed me is we ended the classes …
POD: Perfect Family

POD: Perfect

Tonight we have a picture of two tests and one assignment from Jacob'. On all three he score perfect. I'm so proud of the little guy.
POD: Admiring the Art Family

POD: Admiring the Art

With Jacob at Beavers Scouts Monday nights, Violet and I are using the time to have a little daddy daughter time. from hot chocolate at a loca…
POD: Jumping Around Family

POD: Jumping Around

Today Jacob spent the day with his Nana and Papa, when I dropped him off I captured this picture of him bouncing around on their trampoline.
POD: Running Violet Family

POD: Running Violet

When I picked the kids up at school, they insisted on playing. I captured today's picture of the day as Violet ran across the playground.
POD: Cute Puppy Family

POD: Cute Puppy

 Today after Ruby's evening walk I let her run around the playground for a bit. I captured today's picture of the day as she jumped up on the fence.