Month: September 2015

POD: Violets new helmet Family

POD: Violets new helmet

After years of using Jacob's old helmets Violet finally got one of her own. Of course it had to stand out, and after we were unable to find a …
POD: Bucket of Pucks Family

POD: Bucket of Pucks

Today we have a picture Violets new bucket of pucks. Our little hockey star can't get enough of playing so we got her lots of pucks to practice with.
POD: Late Night Coding Geeky

POD: Late Night Coding

Tonight I spent the evening after the kids went to bed coding.  I post this as the day runs out and I don't have a clear Idea when I'll be don…
POD: Camp Bus Family

POD: Camp Bus

Today we headed up to Van Mills Mall to drop Jacob off. It's camp weekend for our little guy and he was so excited. Of course we came very clo…
POD: HedBandz Family

POD: HedBandz

Tonight after dinner the electronics went away and we pulled out some board games. So tonight's picture of the day is one Melissa took of me a…
POD: Dancing Hockey Star Dance

POD: Dancing Hockey Star

As the we continue to gear up for the fall season of activities we're seeing more and more overlap. Today we had Hockey then Dance, usually we…
POD: Violet’s Words Family

POD: Violet’s Words

With everything going on this last week I haven't had an opportunity to share some pictures of the kid's school work. This year Violet is in g…
POD: The setting sun Family

POD: The setting sun

Today we said good-bye to Melissa's dad. Funerals are always hard, but harder when it's someone so close. I was amazed at how strong Melissa w…
POD: One Last Visit Family

POD: One Last Visit

Tonight we had our last visit with Melissa's dad. Tomorrow morning we say good-bye for the last time. It is a hard time, made easier with frie…
POD: Hockey Tryout Family

POD: Hockey Tryout

You can tell the winter is coming as my blog gets over taken with kids hockey pictures. Today we have Violet at her Tyke evaluation skate.
POD: New Agendas Family

POD: New Agendas

With everything else going on the week if was easy to forget that it was also the kids first week of school. So tonight we have a picture of t…
POD: Surprise Flowers Family

POD: Surprise Flowers

A couple of nights ago I headed out to pick up a few last-minute lunch supplies for the kids. While there I bought Melissa some roses to give …
POD: Baseball Action Baseball

POD: Baseball Action

I spent this afternoon sitting in the sun at the Rogers Centre watching the Blue Jays win their 78th game of the year, to maintain their 1.5 g…