Apps for a new System.

With the release of Windows 7 RC 1 a couple weeks ago my desire to update my home desktop has grown. I have be considering this upgrade since the beta was released to the public in January but have been waiting till I can upgrade some of my hardware, specifically my Hard-drive and Ram. I… Continue reading Apps for a new System.


In the middle of March I opened my last Christmas present, a BBQ. Since that day I have found myself behind the grill every few days. Sometimes twice in the same day, I have yet to manage the Tri-fecta but it’s only May I will before the end of the summer. Jacob loves the BBQ… Continue reading BBQ

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Sharing a Parental Moment

Last night Melissa and I shared a parental moment, one we aren’t eager to repeat. Jacob was sleeping in his bed and Violet was sleeping in her bassinet. Melissa and I were just getting ready to head off to bed ourselves when Violet stirred, so we picked her up. She was hots, he had a… Continue reading Sharing a Parental Moment

Babbling Baby

Violet is growing so fast. It seems like yesterday we brought her home from the hospital. It seems that every day there is something new. When I first saw her in the Exersaucer on the weekend I couldn’t believe that my tiny girl was holding her head up so well. Looks like Its almost time… Continue reading Babbling Baby

The big 20

Today is my birthday, today I turn 20 or 32 or 40 or even 100000 depending on how you look at it. For most of you out there you’d probably just think of me as 32. What makes this birthday special, is that it’s the first since Violet was born, and for the first time… Continue reading The big 20

Hello World

Hello Wold… Two simple words, but words I have typed a number of times. Whenever you learn a new programming language it is customary to write a Hello World program. Its a good way to learn the basic syntax of the language. The first Hello World program I wrote was on the Commodore 64, it… Continue reading Hello World