Project 365-249: A Father Son Day


Today Jacob and I headed down to the CNE, just the two of us. With Melissa working, we dropped Violet off at Nana’s house (We also picked up the free passes she had one. Thanks Nana). The plan was to give Jacob a day at the Ex that he could do what he wanted, and not have to worry about anyone else. And I think we accomplished that. Our focus was rides, and I don’t think there was any there that he wanted to ride that we didn’t get on.

The one downside to the day was the rain, though even that was a bit of a blessing. With it raining on and off most of the morning the lines for the kids rides were very short. So there wasn’t much waiting. Jacob didn’t like to wait, we would want to go to another ride if the line was too long. Though I did manage to show him that most of the lines moved pretty quickly. It was very nice in the afternoon that the sun came out and we were able to put the jackets way.

It was a great day, and I’m really glad I got to spend the day with just Jacob. In just a few days he starts kindergarten and everything changes. I have to grab on to this time and enjoy it because it wont last long.

Our bonus pictures today are of Jacob enjoying some of the many rides:





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