Month: June 2011

Last day of school Family

Last day of school

While I write this Jacob is getting for the last day of school. It's hard to believe that the year has gone by so fast. It seems like yesterda…
POD: Walking the Baby Family

POD: Walking the Baby

Today when Melissa and Violet headed out to pick Jacob up at school, Violet decided to bring along her baby in a stroller. So of course Meliss…
POD: End of Blastball Family

POD: End of Blastball

On the weekend Jacob celebrated the end of his Blastball season with the other players. While there he got his team photo and a little trophy,…
POD: Jump! Family

POD: Jump!

Today while Melissa work the kids and I headed out to the big park.While there I snapped a few pictures. The best was of Jacob jumping off som…
POD: A new Chapter Family

POD: A new Chapter

Today before school the family had a trip to the local library, which happens to be next to Jacob’s school. While I was getting a new library …
POD: Lego Family

POD: Lego

Today the family headed out to Sherway to pick up a few things. While there Jacob and I found ourselves in the new Lego Store. Jacob was quite…
POD: Lego Troopers Family

POD: Lego Troopers

Today when I got home from work Jacob showed me some of his Lego Storm Troopers he’d put together. It’s great to see Jacob getting into Star W…
POD: Father’s Day Family

POD: Father’s Day

Today was fathers day and so of course my picture of the day is one of me and my kids. We had a great day as a family, after a morning with mo…
POD: Playmobil Vacation Family

POD: Playmobil Vacation

Ever since Jacob opened his Playmobil on his birthday he’s been asking me to put them together. I’ve been putting them together one at a time,…
POD: Blast!!! Family

POD: Blast!!!

Today after work I loaded the kids up in the car and headed to Jacob’s Blastball practice and game. Our team was short-handed but the kids had…
POD: Birthday Fun Family

POD: Birthday Fun

Today we celebrated Jacob's 5th birthday with friends ad family at Chuck-E-Cheese. And though it was a fun experience, it’s probable the last …
POD: Five! Family

POD: Five!

Today my little man is 5 years old. It was five years ago today that I first held my little guy. (more…)