Looking back at my writing

This weekend there were 2 events that reminded me that I need to be doing more writing on my blog. The pictures and stories that go with them are great, but there should be more posts that focus things other than the Picture of the Day.  Both events were anniversaries one marks 3 years of me posting everyday here on Geek with Kids. The other was the 40th anniversary of my elementary school Alpha alternative   with a visit to the school Friday for a pre-reunion visit and the reunion itself on Saturday my weekend was filled with old friends and old memories. So how do these events remind me that I should be writing more you ask? They both highlighted in surprising ways that I used to write more. Let’s start with the anniversary of my daily posting, it may surprise some of my readers to know that I didn’t just post a picture everyday back then.  I wrote a post each day, sure I had my Wordless Wednesday and some of my posts were pretty short, but back then I focused on writing. It wasn’t till Jan 01 2010, that I started my Project 365 that morphed into my Picture of the day.

The real kicker for me though was what I found while visiting Alpha on Friday. Looking through some of the old year books and Alpha newsletters they had out for returning alumni I found some of my early writing. Looking at it now brings a smile to smile to my face. I found 3 things I had contributed, and I snapped a picture of each so I’d be able to share them.  They show that even before I could read I liked to make up and share stories. Of the three stories I’m sharing today I only remember the names Swanny and Quacky, I don’t remember the story and I definitely didn’t remember them being included in the Alpha Newsletter. Of course that was one of the great things about Alpha, the kids always had a voice. It didn’t mater how old you were you had an opportunity to shape your school, I’m working on another post about my Memories of Alpha that I will include some of the photo’s I took over the weekend.

As I look at these stories, I think back to ones I wrote later, that I do remember and wonder why I stopped writing. Growing up I always believed that’d I’d write for computers and people. I earn my living writing software, but the writing for people seems to have stopped. I never expected to make money writing for people, but I always that I would be writing more. Looking back on my blog for the last 3 years, I wonder if that counts, or if it’s enough? The last real work of fiction that I can remember trying to write was my NaNoWriMo Novel I wrote 7 years ago.  There have been some outlines of things I wanted to write since then, but they never got beyond that. As I look back at some of the first things I’ve ever written I ask myself, do I want to write fiction or blog post?

What does this mean for my blog, probably nothing. I’ve tried to jump-start more written posts on here all year, with no luck. I wrote this post because I wanted to share my early writing. I wanted it out there to be remembered. I want to be able to show Jacob and Violet some of what I did when I was a child. If I’m inspired to take up NaNoWriMo this year, or to write a few more posts here that’s great, if not you’ll still of my Picture of the day.

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