Brought down by a Bug

It seems that after 27 day’s of posting twice a day a little strep throat has brought me down. I had all the intentions of writing up my Windows Wednesday post yesterday. I even took most of the screenshots, but when it came down to writing up my thoughts I just couldn’t focus. So I ended up heading to bed before I finish writing up my post. This morning when I woke up I realized what had happened I was very disappointed in my self. For the entire day I’ve struggled with what to do, should I carry on as if nothing had happened, should I just skip today and start with my theme focused posts. As you can see by reading this, I decided to acknowledge my failure and explain to my readers what happened. Not to worry, next week I will be posting my Windows Wednesday post looking at some of the Metro Apps that ship with windows 8.

For now I think back over the first 27 days of this month with pride. I tried to post every day and I almost did it. There was some filler, but mostly well thought out posts. I just hope to be able to continue my writing in the coming months, just not quite as much of it.


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