Failure is not an option

Once again I sit here with nothing to write. I stare at the screen and no words come to my head. As I start typing this I realize I don’t want to be writing this at all. I don’t want another post about how hard it is to write each and every day. But here I am continuing to write that exact thing. I mean do I really need to post today? I have already posted my picture of the day. So I have continued my streak of posting every day. That now stands at around 1144 days in a row.  Sure 1052 of them are days where I’ve posted a picture. But even that can get hard specially after doing it so long. But this month I upped the game this month it was to be 2 posts a day. One photo, one written. So far I’ve managed it with only a limited amount of rambling, but tonight I just don’t see how to continue.  I’m just out of words.  Sure I’ve spouted out almost 200 worlds already, but do I press publish? Do I use this another post that lakes a real direction on to my blog. Sitting here as the day slips by I’m torn, so I ask myself; If I don’t will I continue for the rest of the month? Will I have the commitment to continue with my new themed posts? Or will failing to post today be the first step in going back to just posting a picture every day, and the written posts going back to the once every few months that they have been. Of course I could just push publish, and let these words head out onto my blog. It may not be the best post but it is a written post. It’s just over 300 words, so my challenge for this month of NaBloPoMo would be satisfied and my hope of posting twice a day would be intact.

So I ask my what should I have done, was pressing publish the right choice or should I have pressed delete?

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