POD: Drawer Kitty General

POD: Drawer Kitty

Today we have a picture of our mischievous cat. We caught this shot of her in one of Violet's drawers. As cute as it is it probably wouldn't h…
POD: Roses General

POD: Roses

  This summer we planted our first Rose bush in our little flower garden. Back in June when the first flowers bloomed it was great. When …
POD: Jacob and his Art General

POD: Jacob and his Art

This spring Jacob took an art course after school, today was art show day. So I thought I'd share this collage I made from some picture of the…
POD: Elf in the Igloo General

POD: Elf in the Igloo

It seems our Elf on a Shelf was inspired by the kids time playing in the snow. With marshmallows and tooth picks he built is own 'igloo'. Thou…
POD: A Winning Rim General

POD: A Winning Rim

Sure last week I shared a picture of a coffee cup, but I thought I should show every one out there that you can actually win. Of course it’s o…
POD: Playoff Hockey General

POD: Playoff Hockey

Sunday was the second game of Violet’s Dolphins playoffs. It was a tough game, they lost 5-3, They are now 1-1 with three games left to play. …
POD: New Coding Fuel General

POD: New Coding Fuel

Tonight I tried a new kind of energy drink to fuel my late night coding. Not sure if it will replace Monster as my energy drink of choice. I g…
POD: Burger for Daddy General

POD: Burger for Daddy

Today we have a picture of my Montana's Bison burger. we were having a nice family dinner out before Jacob heads to Camp for a week on Sunday.
POD: Home Sweet Home General

POD: Home Sweet Home

It was a short trip and interesting trip, but it's still nice to be home. I captured today's picture of the day as the plan circled Toronto. C…