POD: Sad Bunny

Today while in Indigo / Chapters I saw this large bunny, it’s a big version of Violet’s Fufu which she has had since her first Easter. Doesn’t it look sad? I think it’s because it’s for display only and won’t know the joy of bringing a child joy,

POD: Growing up

Another sign that my little girl isn’t so little anymore. I captured this picture as she and a friend rode the TTC home.

POD: The Plane…

It’s strange how things get caught in your memory. I can’t look at a plane in the sky without thinking, or more often than not saying ‘The Plane Boss the plane.’ I think this is from the 70’s TV show ‘Fantasy Island’. I never watched the show, so I don’t know why I say it,… Continue reading POD: The Plane…

POD: Treat at Practice

Tonight was our practice at the Ford Centre and with it was the opportunity to have a treat. Usually, that isn’t POD worthy, but Melissa captured them so perfectly I just had to use it.

POD: Snowy Drive

Another day and another hockey game. Though today we had the added fun of a bit of a snowstorm to drive threw. So I thought this picture of the snow roads would be a great picture of the day.

POD: Sneak Peak

Today I got myself a little present. It’s something I want to take the time to write about properly, but I don’t have time tonight. In the coming days, I’ll post more pictures and write up my thoughts of what’s in this surprisingly small box.

POD: Dancing Shoes

Last Wednesday I shared a picture of Jacob’s new keyboard to honour his weekly music lesson, so today I thought I’d share a picture of Violet’s Ballett shoes because while Jacob is off at his music lesson violet is off dancing. Of course, I don’t think Wednesday nights are Ballett night…