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CAP201012122214Finding a good application for reading news hasn’t been easy. I have tried a few but none of them stuck. Usually after a couple of days I’d stop using them and go back to relying on Twitter to expose me to interesting things to read. Pulse has been different, with its pretty and intuitive interface I find my self using it during most of my morning commutes to read the latest news from the sites that I like. There is a limit of 20 feeds, but I didn’t hit it till I was adding feeds for this review.

The interface is simple,  you have a list of your feeds with thumbnail images of the most recent posts. You can scroll through each feed with a swipe of your finger. Choosing an article opens up a  full screen view based on either the RSS or the real website of the article. The rest of the feeds articles are accessible through a pop-up panel across the bottom of the screen. The transitions are smooth and fast making for a very pleasant reading experience.


The Interface for adding feeds is as polished as when you read them, something I’ve found lacking in other News Readers. When you first go to add a feed you there is a selection of featured feeds. You can also Browse through categorized list of feeds, or search by source name, keyword or URL. It also supports pulling feeds from your Google Reader account, or by bumping your phone with another Pulse user.

It’s available for Android, iPhone and iPad, though I’ve only tried it on my Android phone, I hope to install it on an iPod Touch soon and I’ll post an update with the differences when I do. If you are looking for an easy way to keep track of multiple feeds I highly recommend you give Pulse a try.

Pulse News Reader for Android on AppBrain

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