Coding Block

Programming is something that I’ve done since I was 6 years old. I do it at my job and and do it at home. Or at least I used to do it at home. Recently I’ve been having trouble turning a vision I have for an application into reality. I’ve been working on a personal task manager for the last 3 months, and beyond a very basic interface I haven’t been able to find the Time or the Drive to turn my idea’s into an application. I sit down in front of the computer with the intent to do some coding, but I just never seem to get to the actual coding. I find I  will spend time working on my development environment, or working on how my source control is setup. One evening I even spent time coming up with a logo, but I just don’t seem to be coding.

My work coding hasn’t really been effected, most of our projects are past the development stage and mostly clean up and bug fixes, so my coding block hasn’t effected my work. Perhaps if I spent less time worrying about my blogging and more time thinking about my code I could work through it quicker. As much as I would like to do more coding I realize that it’s not worth giving up on my daily double of posts. Of course that’s only planned for another weeks, so maybe once November is done I ‘ll have a opertunity to do some more coding. Till then I should be happy that I’m finding a way to write everyday, and leaving the coding to another day.


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