Fall Cleaning

I don’t know if it was the change of seasons, or the kids new bedrooms, but over the last little while, we’ve started a fall cleaning. Going through closets getting rid  of things we no longer use or need.It’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate if you’re not careful, and the kids both help and hinder the cleaning. They seem to want to keep everything, so it’s hard to get ride of things that need to go. But they want to help with the cleaning, washing , putting things away, and fetching things from another room. But when it comes to the downsizing, we usually have to do that while they distracted.

Of course it started back on Thanksgiving with Jacob’s massive new bed. It meant we had to re-arrange his room and downsizing his Toys. After his room, we organized one of our storage closets, which was great help when it came time to move everything out of Violet’s room to make room for her new furniture. Of course on Friday we got Violet’s new furniture and her room looks great.

We’ll continue with the rest of the cleaning and organizing, getting rid of clothes that no longer fit and putting away the summer clothes that will still fit next year. It’s a big job for a family of four. Of course there is an Elephant in our house that we’ve ignored for a while. The Master bedroom, Melissa and My room, is always the last to see any attention. It got the most basic paint job, and has the oldest furniture. It’s time for us to get some new bedroom furniture, but of course the kids come first and I’m not sure when our needs will reach the top of the priority list, after all Winter swimming registration is coming up soon….

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