Geek night out

Tonight I headed out to GTA PHP User Group Meetup, there was a presentation about the Laravel framework. It was great to get out and be around programmers. I’m hoping to make it out to the meetups regularly. I’m sure if I will be able to make it work every month, but I’m going to try. No do I want to stick to the PHP meetups or perhaps see what other geeky meetups I could find and maybe alternate.

I’ve known about meetups for a long time, I attended a few years ago, but it’s been a long time. I got interested in this one because of the topic. I’ve started working on a personal programming project and have been looking at options for PHP frameworks. Currently I’m working with CodeIgnitor on a couple of project for clients and I was thinking this project would be a good chance to learn something new. So I searched the web and found the Laravel framework and it seemed like a good option, but I was having trouble getting started with it. So I thought hearing someone talking about it would be a good introduction. I’m happy to say it was, and I do think that I’ll give it a try for at least one project. Now if I can just choice a Java-Script framework for the front end I’ll be set.


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