Mobile Monday: Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars Title Screen

Last week the latest game in the Angry Birds franchise was released,  angry birds star wars.  It recasts the birds as Luke, Obi-wan  Han and the rest of the hero’s from star wars.  The pigs become the billions, from Sand people to Darth Vader. It amazes me how well Rovio has been able bring new life the series. Before the release of there last game, Angry Birds: Space,  I had grown tired of the repetitive game play in the classic Angry Birds and even in Seasons. With the added complexity of variable gravity I quickly played through all the available levels. Of course even that got stale and Angry Birds was removed from my phone. I tried to ignore Angry Birds Star Wars, I didn’t look at the concept art, or early teaser video’s, until the day of release and I saw the Cinematic trailer.

I instantly downloaded it to my phone, and asked Melissa to pick it up for the iPad. I wasn’t disappointed. Though it’s just more of the same, the cleaver ways they use the star wars characters and locations, has me hocked. I’ve gone through all the level’s I can access for free on Android, and I’m thinking about purchasing ‘The Path Of the Jedi’ because I don’t want to wait till they release Hoth before getting new levels.

Angry Birds Star Wars: Tatooine

It’s been fun unlocking each new Bird and Pig. Seeing how the incorporated them into what really is just a simple physics game.  I’ve started going back through the levels trying to get 3 stars on each, so far I’ve got 108 of a possible 120 Stars on Tatooine. I will get them all. I also love that the game incorporates the best game play from the original Angry Birds and Angry Birds: Space.

Angry Birds Star Wars: The Characters

One final thought, if you liked Angry Birds then you’ll probably like this. If you aren’t a Star Wars fan I’m pretty sure there is enough new game play to keep you interested. If you are a Star Wars fan, you’ll probably love it, if you can get by the continued corruption of a great science fiction franchise that shaped  a generation.  And considering the new owners of Lucas Art’s you can sure this wont be the last.

Angry Birds Star Wars: Darth


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