Night Owl

As the clock ticks closer to midnight I find myself trying to think of ways to stay awake. I should be thinking about climbing into my bed next to my wife, but there is one little obstetrical to that. You see, young violet doesn’t like to sleep. She fights it when ever she can. Which would be fine except that she goes and goes and goes, until she stops. When she stops, she stops. She’ll fall asleep where ever she is and goes right out. Today she fell asleep as I was cooking dinner around 5. This wouldn’t be so bad, except she sleeps for 2 hours and then wakes and doesn’t want to go back to sleep. So I’m left sitting here as the day ends wondering when she’ll get tired again and head off to bed. Depending on how late her nap ends up being, most nights I can get her in bed between 1 and 2, but on days when the nap is later, I sometimes find myself dozing off on the couch before she runs out of steam. When that happens she either falls asleep on the living room carpet or heads up to her own bed without mentioning it.

Tonight is going to be a late night, but I’m not sure how much I can take. I’m already feeling quite tired after a long day. So I ask myself do I feel like a coffee? Or maybe a walk to the 24 convinces store to get a bottle of Pepsi fight my growing desire for sleep. As much as I would rather be curled up in bed, there is something to be said for the Father Daughter time the two of us get to spend on a evenings like to-night, I just wish we could enjoy it earlier in the evening because after a long day like today I’m not really sure how long I can last before I need to head up to my bed for the night.  Perhaps if I’m lucky I ca get ere her to head up to bed around 1 or 2and it wont be too long of a night.


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