Dear Violet

My Baby Girl, I know you don’t like me calling you that, you are as you say a big girl. Today we have more evidence supporting that too, today you get your big girl furniture. A new full size bed, a new dresser complete with your own mirror, even your very on bed side table. When we first decided that now was the time to move from your toddler bed, I resisted. I thought of it kept you in a smaller bed you’d stay my little girl longer. Of course that was silly but I’m sure you’ll find that parents sometimes do silly things. Of course when I thought about it I knew it’s probably time, after all Jacob was younger than you are when he moved up to his first big bed.

This fall you started pre-school, it’s your first taste of school. I loved how you walked right in on your first day, ready to face the new challenge head on. I’m thrilled that you love going each day and I want you to discover the joy of learning. Helping you make that discovery is one of my most important jobs as your father. You will never stop learning, at times it might be hard but learning new things is always worth it. So if you ever get stuck or have questions I will be here to help you find the answer.

I remember when you were just learning to walk you would come with me to watch Jacob’s skating lessons. When ever I took you out of the stroller to let you walk around, you would head right to the door of the rink. You wanted to skate with your big brother. This fall you started your lessons and you’re doing great. watching you skate around the ice with and without the sled is amazing. I can’t wait till the Ice Path opens so we can go skating as a family. I’m hoping that we can do a lot of family activities this winter from Skating to sledding, and maybe some snowball fights and snowman building as well.

The one thing about growing up is that when you are a kid it seems like it takes forever. You want to be able to do what your older brother does, only to hear that you can’t you’re to young. So you wish you were older, you try to be older. But you don’t have to try, every day you are getting older. everyday it shows in some small way, whether it’s being able to get your own glass of milk or getting your first grown up bed it will happen. And speaking as someone who’s grown up and is now watching you grow up it happens way to fast.  Of course you wont appreciate that until you have children of your own who just want to grow up.

Always remember that I love you and will always be here for you no matter what.

Love Daddy


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