End of day Ramblings

The day winds down and I look at this blank post and I wonder why I ever told anyone about my goal of writing two posts a day. Some day’s it’s hard enough to get the picture of the day out let alone another 500 unrelated words. At least before I went and spouted off about what I was doing only me and a few of my family and friends would know of my failure. Now anyone who reads my blog knows that if I have just a POD and nothing else that I failed in my quest to write 2 posts a day for a month. And when does the first day that I’m really unable to think of anything happen, the very next day. Perhaps I knew that would happen and that’s why I was holding off writing about it. Perhaps it’s just bad luck. So instead of a real post you get this rambling line of thoughts about not being able to think of anything. It was this kind of post that made the move from writing a posting every day to just posting a picture every day easier 3 years ago when I last tried to really post every day.  Hopefully I’ll get a better list of idea’s sorted out in  the coming day’s so that I don’t find myself rambling on as the the day slips away.

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