NaBloPoMo and beyond.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you might have been a little surprised over the last 10 day’s at the amount of posts I’ve been doing on my blog. They have double, instead of my daily picture you are getting my picture and something else. Well the extra writing is for National Blog Posting Month, it’s supposed to be a challenge so I thought I had to do something then just my standard picture a day so my solution is to add a written post each day.  Something more thought-provoking and longer then the usually 50 words I write with my picture of the day. My goal is to write a least 250 words, but I’m really aiming for closer to 500.

I’ve waited 10 days’ to explain this, for two reasons, the first is I didn’t know if I could take the added writing. It’s hard to just think of something to write about each day let a lone write it. The second is I was keeping it in reserve, I figured hey there will come a day that I really can’t think of what to write and on that day I’ll be glad that I have this to write about. Today my mind drew a blank as I sat at the computer trying to come up with something worth writing. I’m not sure if this is really worth it, but it’s a post and if you are interested in my blog it will show you what I’m hoping to do going forward beyond NaBloPoMo.

One of the things I’ve done this month is started my daily themes, I’m doing that mostly because I hope to continue writing more after November ends, Not two posts a day, but as it stands now, probably 3 posts a week extra. So far I have Mobile Monday’s, Windows Wednesday’s and Fatherhood Fridays. That’s a little heavy on the geek side, I’m thinking I would like to balance that out with another Family oriented post, and during November I’ll probably just do that as the posts come to me but going forward beyond  this month, I’m thinking I will need to have something more fixed, or they just wont get written.  For now I have three theme days, and will write what ever I comes to me on during the rest of the week. Come December, I’ll probably scale back my posting but we’ll have to wait till I’m finished with NaBloPoMo to see what that will look like.

Mobile Mondays: Each week I will write about mobile technology, either a gadget or an App or something related to portable computing.

Windows Wednesday: As you may have guessed from this Wednesday pot I’m interested in windows 8 and the future of the windows platform, so I thought I’d try a write about it. It’ll start with tips and Windows 8 specific reviews and then move out to reviewing the growing number of Metro Style apps.

Fatherhood Friday: As much as I like to write my geeky posts, I do also like to write about and two my kids, I’m a little worried about coming up with a good post each week, but It’s a topic that’s close to my heart so I’m confident I can.

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