POD: Lining up for Santa, sorta

From Pictures of the Day 2012

Today Jacob and I headed to the mall with the number doors, Sherway Gardens, for what we thought we’d be a quick morning of picking up tickets for the Sanata Experience. It’s one of our favourite holiday outings. Santa reads a story to the kids and sings songs and does magic tricks. It’s a great evening. One we triThe kids get to sing and dance with Santa. Here’s my post from last year’s visit complete with some video I took POD: The Santa Experience. We arrived at the mall just past 8 to a line that stretched around the square in the centre of Sherway and down beneath the food court. Before they started selling tickets at 8:30 the line stretched out of the mall. Around 9 am, the first of Sherway’s employee’s wondered by saying that the line was 4 or 5 hours. I thought great, we should be out by 11 and easily make it home in time to get to Jacob’s hockey game. I didn’t get to the counter till just before 1pm. Luckaly Papa came and got Jacob around 12, so he didn’t miss his game. Still 5 hours in line is worth  it to see the smiles on there faces when they get to see Santa. Of course the one quiestion I have is will Violet pose for a picture with the big man this year?


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  1. You are indeed a great dad. Wow, standing in line for 5hours just for tickets to see Santa. I don’t think I was that great of a mom. Your are the best dad ever.

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