Re-finding my love of reading

I remember the day that I went from a non-reader to a reader. I remember having no interest in reading books, to burying my nose in them for hours at a time.  The book was Jack of Shadows, I was in grade 9, I don’t remember why I picked up that book, I just remember that my mom read me the first chapter and then I read the rest. Reading was always a struggle for me, it took me years to learn and it wasn’t till that book that I became confident in my ability to read. After that book I went on to read other books, first Isaac Asimov’s Robot series, then I moved on to foundation. I remember sitting in English class reading one of his books when the teacher gave me an article about his passing. It talked about him writing right till the end, and that his last book, ‘Forward the Foundation‘ would be out the following year. That was the first Adult hardcover book I bought myself, I wonder if I still have it.

I’ve bought a ton of books sence then, but recently I haven’t been reading much. I feel sort of torn between the physical book world and the digital book world. I’ve liked e-books sence I got sence I started reading them on my PalmPilot, almost 15 years ago. The are convenient  and easier to store. But paper books also have their pluses, no need to charge them and there screens can’t crack. It’s been quite a while that I’ve struggled with where I should do my reading. Over that time I’ve read some e-books and some paper books, but I just don’t read like I used to. Sure that could have nothing to do with the technology (though I can’t really read on my broken screen phone. The cracks are just to distracting), it could be that I just don’t have the time. In my head I keep thinking if I had a e-reader or a tablet I’d read more. That’s probably just justification for getting a tablet, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true right?

I’ve recently picked up a book called The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry. I’m not sure where it came from, but it’s been an interesting read. It’s reminded me the joy of reading a book and getting lost in the story. It reminds me that I should be reading more. Now if I just had an e-reader or tablet…..

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2 thoughts on “Re-finding my love of reading

  1. What will probably happen is that you do a bunch of stuff on your new gadget at first, and then go back to a set o habits that are close to the former ones.

    That’s more or less what happened when I got my Kobo, though I think I’d read more on it if I had more money with which to buy the stuff I want to read.

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