Sugar induced Holloween Ramblings

It’s the morning after Halloween, the beginning of new month. I wanted to start the month fresh, so instead of waiting a few days to share my post about Halloween night, I wanted to have it finished before I went to bed, so I could start the month with my first post early on the fist day. That didn’t happen. So here I am still putting the finishing touches as the work day runs down. I could just through up some photo’s of the kids in their costumes, maybe even one of my mom dressed as a witch (though I’m thinking of saving that for blackmail). If I had I would have been done this morning like I hoped.

What I decided is that I don’t want to just share pictures. What I thought I’d share are a few thoughts about Halloween that came to me over the last few days. First is just how excited both Jacob and Violet felt in the days leading up to the big night. What I’m not sure of is ideal it was then prospects of all the candy or the fun of dressing up in their costumes that’s was fueling the excitement. What it did do was make me want to dress up and share in their child like excitement. Not enough to actually do it but I thought about it. What I’ve come to realize is that I should have dressed up with the kids and enjoyed the fun of the night. I don’t have that many years left where the kids will want me heading out with me and so I should take advantage of the time I have and make them memorable. Perhaps I can get Melissa to dress up too next year.

The second thing I wanted to talk about was costume choices. Jacob’s Iron Man costume was amazing, warm and water-resistant he through the rainy night of trick or treating with a smile on his face, seeming unfazed by the weather. Violet’s Angel costume on the other had, was to long, so it dragged on the ground, and she kept tripping on it. Adding the wet and mud on top of it, it quickly became too much for my little girl and she spent a lot of the evening riding in the stroller or in my arms. She still had a great time and her costume looked adorable, I just think in the coming years we’re going to have to look for more functional costumes for her.

It was a great Halloween even with the rain, and I’m so glad that I get to spend it with my wonderful kids and amazing wife. before I wrap up with a few of the pictures of Jacob and Violet out and about. I thought I’d ask do you think perhaps the Family should go out together next year all dressed up as the Incredibles?




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